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C-lected group: Shame and Skandal Family
Result 5 event(s)
Mon, 00-September-1998 C-lector C is: manager & flutist & DJ
Shame and Skandal Family
WasserwerkC-lector C
BE   Schweiz
had a solo as flute-playing-DJ with RapFlyer designer: no name
Sat, 28-February-1998 C-lector C is: manager & flutist & DJ
1st Skaggae Festival
Shame and Skandal Family
SedelQuatre In Toulouse
LU   SchweizC-lector C
full house - dancers warmed up - Ras I played disco - Tobias (Bonaparte) brought special band called "Power Contacte" from BEFlyer designer: Ras Klowasser
Sat, 14-September-1996 C-lector C is: manager & DJ
Shame and Skandal Family
Friedenstrasse 5C-lector C
LU   Schweiz
what a house had to go...and never came the respect back...Flyer designer: no name
Fri, 19-April-1996 C-lector C is: tour manager
Shame and Skandal Family
Boa Bar
LU   Schweiz
Flyer designer: no name
Sat, 30-December-1995 C-lector C is: flutist
Shame and Skandal Family
Hotel des BalancesJackie Song
LU   Schweiz
in the same place as Louis Armstrong played years before...Flyer designer: no name
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